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Good habits are important in many aspects of our lives. Good study habits are essential for the successful student. Good dietary and exercise habits lead to a healthier life. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that good dental care habits mean fewer oral health problems. Habits that promote good dental health include the following. READ MORE >>

You’ve heard it before, the economy is still weak. Many businesses have had to cut back on employees just to stay afloat, making it important that fewer employees carry more weight than ever before. But this extra burden puts extra stress on employees. READ MORE >>

The school year is winding down and for many that means it is time for a summer road trip. Of course, you want to make sure your trip to and from your vacation destination is safe. Here are some tips to help you have an accident-free summer trip! Planning READ MORE >>

Most states require vehicle owners to carry a minimum amount of Tampa car insurance. Failure to have this insurance is a crime in these states with hefty penalties and possible jail sentences for failure to comply. Also, an owner can't register their vehicle without showing proof of insurance.  READ MORE >>

Ray and Anna just celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in their recently purchased new home. They are a typical young family with one three-year-old child, another on the way and a playful little dog. Their household expenses are average, and in addition to their monthly mortgage, they also have an auto loan payment to meet. READ MORE >>

While you tidy up your home this spring, remember that it's also a great time to perform some spring cleaning on your health as well. The warm, sunny weather lures us back outside, and most people tend to participate in more physical activities during spring and summer. READ MORE >>

You may not give much thought to the doors in your home, but they provide privacy, quiet and protection from the elements. But one small problem just may be enough to drive you nuts. However, you don't need to resort to living with the problem, or even call a handyman to fix it. READ MORE >>

Advertisers and marketers are clever, tricking millions of people into buying and consuming cooking oils because of their low fat content. But the truth is, many “heart-healthy” cooking oils are bad for other aspects of your health and/or are made with genetically-modified and processed ingredients. READ MORE >>

There are plenty of immune boosting supplements available for purchase, but getting these ingredients naturally from the food you consume is the most potent boost you can get. Along with avoiding contact with sick people and frequent hand washing, eating the right foods is an important step in staying healthy during cold and flu season. READ MORE >>

CFO Jeff Atwater today announced the arrest of Joel Trujillo on charges of violating a stop work order and a third-degree felony workers’ compensation fraud for allegedly failing to provide adequate coverage to employees of his Naples-based construction company, K.C. Tile and Marble. READ MORE >>

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