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Adcock-Adcock Insurance Agency Blog: car

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Most states require vehicle owners to carry a minimum amount of Tampa car insurance. Failure to have this insurance is a crime in these states with hefty penalties and possible jail sentences for failure to comply. Also, an owner can't register their vehicle without showing proof of insurance.  READ MORE >>

As the proud parent of a new college student, you have done everything to ensure that your child’s transition into college life is an easy one. This includes having helped him or her obtain their own mode of transportation. Now that you have made sure that they will be able to get around with ease, there remains the matter of car insurance. READ MORE >>

Although the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010, the full effects of the legislation have yet to trickle down to ordinary health insurance policies. The main principles behind so-called 'Obama Care' are the reduction of healthcare costs and the efforts to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable health insurance. READ MORE >>

After the initial shock of being involved in a serious automobile accident has subsided, you must deal with your insurance provider regarding the repair of your vehicle.  No problem; that's what insurance is for, right? READ MORE >>

No one wants to be on the receiving end of a hit and run accident. It's especially frustrating when the driver who hits your car flees the scene. In this case, defensive driving courses teach you to remain calm after an accident and to get out of the car with the intention of obtaining details from the other driver in order to expedite your claim. READ MORE >>

One thing that must be purchased at the time of buying, leasing or renting a car is auto insurance.  Oftentimes, the excitement of driving takes over and you may not read your auto insurance policy handbook as closely as you should. READ MORE >>

The necessity of owning auto insurance is a fact of life. Perhaps because it’s such a constant in life, people often make the mistake of doing some initial research before they get their auto insurance but then not thinking about it again for years. READ MORE >>

Teenagers can't be expected to get behind the wheel of a car on the day of their driver’s test and ace the exam without having had any practice beforehand. A learner's permit allows an unlicensed teen to practice driving in real-world conditions as long as they have an adult present. READ MORE >>

If you’re getting ready to move, whether for personal or professional reasons, you need to consider how this change of location will affect your auto insurance policy. Here are five questions to ask yourself and your agent in order to better understand the true effect your move will have on your policy. READ MORE >>

Carpooling is a great way to save on gas as you share driving responsibilities with other people working in the same building or office complex as you. But there are some considerations you should make with regards to your auto insurance when you decide to carpool. READ MORE >>

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